Sweet Stick: Custom Create

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Pricing is for one Sweet Stick
Pricing is for one Sweet Stick
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SKU: SS-100
Colors, designs and wording:

Pricing is for one Sweet Stick.  Custom create a personalized Sweet Stick.  Let Geri Mateus Studios help you design your customized, original Sweet Stick.  Choose a color scheme, wording and design and we will create it for you.  Limited space is available for wording.  When ordering, include a note of the design, colors and wording you would like. Pricing is for one Sweet Stick.  Please allow extra time for shipping.  Please note that custom orders cannot be cancelled after 24 hours...it is likely that custom pieces are already in production.

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Krissi, 07/06/2017

We love these sweet sticks! I custom ordered one for each member of my family and we use them at our cottage for roasting marshmallows. So much cleaner and nicer than searching for tree branches to use. The designs and coloring are beautiful.



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